Upcoming Festival

Teej Festival, Jaipur
5th Aug, 2016 to 6th Aug, 2016

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City is Capital city of the regal state of Rajasthan in India. Well known across the globe for its beauty captured in a time warp which offers a perfect glimpse into the past and often reminisced as the golden era of Marwar clan of the Rajput, Jaipur has a lot to offer its patrons across continents. A place well-endowed with cultural festivals and handmade artistry, Jaipur is also home to the famous Teej festival, celebrated each year on the third day of the Shukla Paksha of Sawaan month of the Hindu calendar, falling between July end and early September. In 2016, the festival would be celebrated from Aug'5th to Aug'6th, wherein a huge flock of devotees would take part in this humongous procession carried out for two consecutive days.

Teej is a fasting festival for Hindu women dedicated to Goddess Parvati and celebrated in praise of marital bliss and the well-being of spouse and children. The festival includes celebration, rigid fasting and scrumptious feasting. A large Teej procession winds its way through the old city in Jaipur, in which a brightly adorned idol of Goddess Durga is placed on a palanquin.

The legend speaks of Teej as the day when Goddess Parvati was reunited with Lord Shiva after a long separation. It is believed that whoever worships Parvati on this day, is fortunate enough to get his/her desires fulfilled by her blessings. On this occasion, married women pray to Lord Shiva and Parvati to bless them with happy and long married life. Celebrated in and around Rajasthan this festival of swings welcomes monsoon. The swings are decked with flowers and hung from trees, women dressed in green clothes make merry and sing songs. During this festival that symbolizes growth, women observe fasts for the long life of their husbands while men folk pray for good rain and crop.

Fairs are one of the prime highlights of the festival, which are frequented by women, both married and unmarried who are dressed in colorful clothes and jewelry. The fairs have a number of foods and handicraft stalls and comprises of singing, dancing, devotional music and many other attractions, such as swings, mehandi, song and dance performances by folk artists. Processions are taken out from Tripolia gate of Jaipur; passing through various markets, it ends at Chaugan Stadium. The idol of Goddess Teej (incarnation of Goddess Parvati) is decorated by the royal families of Jaipur, for the fair. Convoy of beautified elephants, horses and camels are made to walk before Goddess Teej's palanquin made of gold and silver. A multitude of folk dances are performed to the everlasting tunes of folk songs during this rally. Sweets and other eatables are relished by one and all. Also kids have a gala time at the puppet show which is an age-old mode of entertainment in Rajasthan.

Parents of married women send Sinjara to their daughters during the festival, which is a gift pack that includes bindi, vermilion, mehandi or henna, bangles, ghevar (a special Rajasthani sweet) and lahariya (a multi-coloured sari) as a symbol of their overtures. After accepting those gifts sent by her parents, the married ladies adorn themselves with henna, jewels, wear lahariya sari and take delight in the celebrations of this auspicious festival of Teej.

Jaipur is well connected through regular flights from major destinations and offers a plethora of Hotels to suit everyone's pocket. Just don't miss the essence of Teej this year. Come with your family and enjoy yourselves to the hilt…..!!!