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Punjabiyat, A Farm Resort near Amritsar

Food, Food & Food…is a definite topic of discussion if you see a few Punjabis sitting together and chatting, not to forget the big cars and expensive wrist watches that they don. Makki di Roti and Sarson ka Saag, Rajma Chawal, Kadi Chawal, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken…..ummm all the fingerlicious dishes that we hear are quintessentially Punjabi cuisine…..much loved by one and all across continents…….bhai Wah ji Swad!! Food at any hotel or resort in Punjab is emblematic of how Punjab welcomes you with its bounty. The tandoori cuisines as well as barbequed snacks are the highlights of a very special resort in Amritsar most aptly named Punjabiyat.

Set amidst vast blooming green fields, crisscrossed by long canals, Punjabiyat, pronounced as punjab-i-yat(which means 'being Punjabi') is an expression of the exuberance and effervescence of Punjabi culture that clearly defines its lionheartedness. The Punjabiyat resort is located merely an hour away by road from Amritsar, the city of Golden Temple. Upon reaching the farm one feels like being a million miles away in perfect isolation amidst solace and totally out of sight from all habitation. Lush green fields touching the horizon and glittering with the sunshine are a real treat for the eyes and senses.

Punjabiyat offers an opportunity to experience life on a live farm ensconced within the rustic and charming aroma of the country. Stylish yet simple standalone cottages and a spacious lounge nestled in the gleaming expanse of farmland offering peaceful yet stimulating environment.

The 4 stand-alone cottages are tastefully styled in traditional Punjabi architecture and beautifully set to maximize some spectacular views across the humongous expanses of farmland. Simple yet stylish, these spacious, high-ceiling cottages offer you the wholesome and authentic experience of staying at a farm.

Each cottage offers its occupants an en suite bathroom, a covered front deck and a private open roof terrace to feel the fresh air whiffing through your tresses, thus giving a sublime feel. The most prominent feature of the bedroom is the imposing four-poster bed with luxurious mattress to punch and pound during moments of intimacy by couples on a quiet visit, far from the city hustle. There is also a nice sitting area which is a perfect spot to unwind and a writing table, just in case you are inclined to pen down a few romantic lines. The elegantly fitted bathrooms provide an outdoor feel as one wall is entirely made of glass that offers an uninterrupted view of the sky above.

The resort allows you to reconnect with your roots, experience the tranquility of countryside and farm life, and walk along the sprawling acres of carefully nurtured crops. Gazing at the sky with its millions of glittering stars at night is truly mesmeric and beyond words.

Punjabiyat ensures that its visitors and patrons also get the best of cuisine that melts in the mouth and gives a feel of purity in taste; much sought after by us all who live in metropolitan cities and miss out on this luxury. Breakfast comprises of Punjabi delicacies such as straight-off-the-fire stuffed paranthas, poori–subzi or chhole-bhature. Of course there are eggs cooked to your preference with breads, cereals, fruits, etc. As it is not physically possible to relish two heavy Punjabi meals in a day, so lunch is usually light comprising of continental dishes from across the globe. Dinner offers the best of Tandoori taste coupled with Punjabi flavor. The smell of fresh earth mixed with oxygen-laden air, the feel of cool country breeze on your face, the sight of butter melting on hot stuffed parathas — clearly defines life at Punjabiyat.

A visit to Punjabiyat brings you closer to the famous Sikh temple, Ghallughara Saheb, which is barely 20 minutes' walk from here. Religious ceremonies are held early in the mornings and on weekends are a must experience. Besides, final touches are being given to a Sikh History Museum close to Punjabiyat. This museum is one of the three being built by the Punjab government to educate the youngsters on their culture and history and to encourage them to recognize and respect their roots.

Punjabiyat also gives an opportunity to enjoy a 20 minute cycle ride to a Dairy Farm where one may learn about rural dairy farming and even participate in milking the cows. Tractor and Tonga (traditional horse-driven carriage) rides can also be arranged to an authentic Punjabi experience. A stay at Punjabiyat is a great way to unwind and re-connect with the country life.

Come and feel true Punjabiyat at Punjabiyat…!!!! Saade naal rahoge te aish karoge…!!