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Going to Taj? Ticket now valid for 3 hours

Archaeological Survey of India has decided that the entry ticket to the world heritage monument would be valid for only three hours. Any visitor who wants to spend beyond three hours would have to pay extra. This would apply to all visitors.

ASI issued a public notice this week on this. "We are still working on a mechanism to decide the additional charges. We may levy charges for a fresh ticket as extension; another proposal is to levy additional hourly charges beyond the three-hour window. These issues are still being decided," said a senior ASI official.

The move was necessitated by the surge in the number of visitors. "We've had situations where over 50,000 visitors come to Taj Mahal in a single day. The monument space is limited and we cannot extend that. We have to make do with the available area and manage visitors within that limited space. Sometimes it gets very difficult to manage the crowd.

India won best exhibitor award at International Tourism Festival- Berlin

Announcing India winning the best exhibitor award at International Tourism Festival ITB-Berlin, tourism minister KJ Alphons thanked the Indian prime minister and credited him for the surge in interest in India as a destination. Alphons was speaking at a press meet in New Delhi on Monday.

"These are the biggest awards in the world and India was the big hit in Germany. It's the first time India has won this prize. I would like to thank the prime minister for keep the Indian flag flying high," said Alphons.

The ITB- Berlin World Tourist Meet' was convened in Berlin, Germany from 7th March to 10th March, 2018.

India was represented tourism minister KJ Alphons along with other tourism ministry officials.

More than 100 countries participated in the ITB- Berlin meet with their respective tourism Ministers.

The event also marked the launch of the ministry's 60 seconds promotional ad on yoga called 'Yogi of the racetrack