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RAAS Jodhpur

Nestled in the prominent north-eastern quarter of the famous walled city, RAAS has sensational coordinates, merely 400 meters away from and beneath Jodhpur's strikingly handsome Mehrangarh Fort. RAAS Jodhpur is the only luxury boutique hotel within the Indian walled city, which exemplifies class coupled with a rare and understated elegance. The Rajput architecture can be found throughout the building, in everything from its intricately carved stone panels to its antique shrines and further to the arches surviving from the stables. Indeed, with its sensational vistas, different styles and angles, a central water body, square and garden makes RAAS a microcosm of the city.

By carefully studying the intricate details of this 300-year-old mansion, brothers Nikhilendra and Dhananajaya Singh have reclaimed its grandeur by grafting contemporary architecture and ambience in accordance. The Darikhana, also known as the 'Chamber of Carpets', was built towards the end of the eighteenth century and served as the Haveli's guest-house.

Baradari, which means a pavilion with 'twelve doors' is RAAS's most popular alfresco dining venue today and was built in the 1850s as the Thakur's personal entertainment pavilion; it was here that the he spent his days, and no doubt many a nights, entertaining and being entertained. Having retained this purpose through centuries it now serves as a restaurant at the heart of the hotel, hosting events all year round.

Original stables, converted into snug alcoves for reading and relaxing, and a small 18th-century temple make up the sides of the picturesque courtyard and we pride ourselves on the beautifully cultivated gardens filling the open space.

Inventory can be classified into four types namely, Garden Rooms (04), Luxury Room (28), Duplex Suite (04) and Heritage Suite (03). 35 rooms have views of the Mehrangarh Fort and the remaining 4 rooms have private gardens overlooking the old, restored buildings. All the rooms and suites offer balconies which are decorated with great flair and panache.They have state of the art furnishings with an exceptionally high degree of modern comfort and sophistication. Each of these rooms comes with modern attached bathrooms with separate showers and cast iron bath tubs. Plenty of piping hot water is provided by central and solar water heating systems. Hot water bottles are also provided on request.

The two restaurants here are the Darikhana Restaurant and Baradari Café by the pool offering continental and Indian food.Open all day, Baradari offers a range of local and international cuisine. Whether its Thai, Mediterranean or Rajasthani specialities Baradari offers all these to suit your tastes and palate. Darikhana, perched on the first floor, above the old stables, offers clear views of the Mehrangarh Fort. Evening meals at Darikhana are most popular, as it allows you to relish the mesmeric sight of the illuminated fort above in tandem with the candlelit Haveli courtyard below; simply ethereal.

For a special occasion with family, a romantic dinner experience, or a large party, the private dining service has beautiful settings to suit any mood. Besides 24x7 room service makes the stay very personalized and enjoyable.

Besides offering a beautiful swimming pool with clear blue water, RAAS Jodhpur also offers a world-class spa with a heart, run by authentic British brand Ila. An old Sanskrit word denoting Mother Earth and her ever flowing curative energy, the sacred essence of Ila is echoed through age-old beauty rituals, the rejuvenating power of touch, and divine smells chosen to promote biological change and harnessed from an incredibly rare level of organic purity.

Something unique to this place is the Step Well Café which is three-tiered and hovers above the Step Well. With balconies opening onto the square, you can spend an afternoon watching how life flows through the step well. No day is complete without the local boys competing as to who can jump from the highest step. With its ground-floor air-conditioned and the upper floors open, the café serves lunch and dinner; and coffee, tea and cocktails in between. The menu offers a mixed fare of European and Indian favorites. The café is open to the square and street but can also directly be approached from RAAS by a private door on to the Step Well.

Being well connected and just 20 minutes' drive from the Jodhpur Airport makes RAAS a much sought after haven by all those travelers who wish to experience the uniqueness here, which is testified and well applauded world over.

Let the Gates open for you upon your arrival…!