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December, 2016 Quiz

Can you identify the name of the photograph on the left and where it is located?

Send your answers to news@twx.co.in, those correct will go into a draw and the winner will receive a Travel Book on India.

Winner for November 2016 – No correct answer

Sanchi is one of the most ancient and popular Buddhist monuments in the country.

The Shanti Stupa built by Ashoka is a specimen of Buddhist art and architecture right from the early Mauryan period. It was also known as Kakanaya, Kakanava, Kakanadabota and Bota-Sriparvata in ancient times. The construction of Sanchi Stupa is considered an engineering marvel. The stupa is known for the carvings, which provide an insight into the life of Lord Buddha. The place is famous for stupas, monolithic Ashoka pillar, temples, monasteries and sculptural wealth.