Highland Camp, Leh

15 June – 31 Aug 2014
Presented & Operated by Adventure World Experiences (AWX)

Camping as a recreational activity entered into popular society over 100 years ago. It is widely accepted that Thomas Hiram Holding was one of the first proponents of this activity, which is constantly gaining popularity each passing year, through the effects of the current economic climate. Since time immemorial, Camping has been a favorite for all segments in society – be it Kings, clergymen, common man or kids.

Most recently, India has overwhelmingly carved a niche for itself in this segment. Apart from the other appealing factors, a major reason why the crowd prefers camping is its intrinsic attribute of portability, which allows many a tourist organizations the freedom to set up their camps wherever the heart desires. And to give you a hassle free holiday, proper attention is paid to comfortable stay for the tourist. Cozying up in the wild engulfed in the warmth of a bonfire in a heavenly place like Leh is truly an experience worth cherishing for your lifetime. Just imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing that catches your eyes is the mesmerizingly beautiful water body outside your well-endowed tent.

Highland Camp is enthroned on a private camping ground of a prominent Ladakhi family from the nearby Stok Village. Stok happens to be the permanent official residence of The Royal family of Ladakh. The direct descendants of the famous Namgayal dynasty still reside in the private quarters of the Stok Palace.

This camp presents 40 mobile Luxury tents, set on a sprawling green land area of 25,000 sq. mtr. These tents traverse approximately 1700 km on trucks right upto the Leh valley crossing, over the snow bound treacherous passes, and are majestically pitched on temporary basis on the camping ground. As a company they have the mighty and historic Indus River flowing quietly without a hush. This destination offers the tourists a 360 degree view of the gigantic and hauntingly beautiful Himalayan Ranges. It would be unfair if you don’t enjoy the improbable and enchantingly beautiful sunrise and sunset, while sipping hot tea in the lounge.

Each tent is well equipped to give you the best of comfort and luxury within range. They have all the amenities including twin bed with mattresses, carpeted flooring, side tables, chairs, a centre table, luggage rack, lounge chairs or Mudda chairs, attached washroom, WC with running water, sink with running water, showers with running water (hot water for showers will be provided every morning and evening). Each tent provides adequate electricity and a charging point to recharge batteries. Adequate generator back up is available to run electrical appliances. All these 40 tents are brand new and have been fabricated in the year 2014 itself. The camp has been granted with all the necessary licenses and approvals by Tourism Department.

All meals are laid out and served in a large Royal Dining Tent. Morning and evening tea are served in the lounge. Camp will have reception tent with lounge facilities, public toilets and 24x7 Security guards to give you a secured atmosphere. Leh city and Leh Airport are conveniently located at just 10 Km and 14 Km respectively, from the camp.

Biggest advantage of the Highland camp is its location on the map. The famous Kalachakra venue is at a stone throw away distance of just 0.75 Km and a good energetic walk from the camp. Those who wish to be a little less active can avail pick-up and drop facility. A walk around the camp will give you an opportunity to mingle with the local mass arriving from various far and wide to attend the Buddhist Holy ceremonies and to seek benediction of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Not to forget, the camp offers an array of supplementary activities including a picturesque Hike to Stok and Spituk villages, Trek to Shang Valley, frothy Rafting on the Indus River, and tumultuous Jeep Safari to Tso – Moriri and Pangong Lake. This haven of untamed beauty provides unaccountable photography opportunities to discover and capture the nature in its most raw and candid state.

Highland camp is presented and operated by Adventure World Experiences (AWX). Some of the other products of AWX include mobile camping, jeep safari, hiking, high altitude trekking, cycling and setting up of luxury camps at some of the popular cultural festivals.

AWX essentially is blessed with its “in-house” expertise in adventure products with minimal outsourcing. Some of the trips pioneered over the years include seasonal jeep safari with mobile camping to Tso-Moriri and Pangong Lakes in Ladakh, fully supported treks to Lahul-Spiti Valley over challenging Pin Parvati pass or Parang La, snow trek to Tungnath, Kanchanjunga base camp in Sikkim or a climb to Stok Kangri in Ladakh.

To sum up, AWX offers you a destination which would ensure an adrenaline rush in your veins, and give you the ultimate exhilarating experience of a lifetime.

Just recall the days back in school, when we as a group of friends used to most enthusiastically carry our haversacks, with packs of instant noodles to some so called isolated place, far from the hullaballoo of city life just to unwind ourselves…….

Come, relive the nostalgia..!!

“It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves…” - Sir Edmund Hillary