Coracle Ride in South India

Clustered in Kaveri and Tungabhadra rivers, coracles are the bamboo boats with curved sides. In order to make it water proof, animal hide or plastic is used. Coracle is also used as fishing vessel. Certainly not for the lily livered, Coracle ride is one of the most adventurous and thrilling activity one can experience in this part of the country. Though mostly popular as a part of South India tourism, coracles have been in existence in India since time memorial. Those interested in water adventures can always look forward to experiencing coracle rides. Apart from serving as a recreational ride, coracles are also helpful as a means of transportation. These traditional primitive boats sway through foot of the mighty falls.

One has to remain aware as the water flowing down rages and tosses the coracle which might be a bit frightening and unnerving for a first timer. The mesmerising view of Hogenakkal can be best enjoyed during monsoons, especially while gliding couched in a coracle.

Here are some of the spots in South India where one can experience electrifying coracle rides:

River Tungabhadra:
Coracle ride in river Tungabhadra can be enjoyed when one is at Hampi in Karnataka. Comprising an important part of adventure tourism, coracles here are waiting to gift you a breath-taking and exhilarating experience. As the coracle glides through the river, you can view the ancient ruins of Hampi. During high currents, the ride becomes all the more exciting and thrilling. Other places including hotels and restaurants in the vicinity can be visited during this trip.

River Kaveri:
Coracle ride is the best option to traverse through river Kaveri. Originating at Kodagu in Karnataka, this river flows through Tamil Nadu and empties itself in the Bay of Bengal. You can relish the ride as well as explore the surrounding forest areas. The habitation in and around can also be well explored. Numerous families staying in the vicinity are dependent on coracles as it is the cheapest and economical means of transport.

Though an angler's paradise, Bheemeshwari can also be one of the chosen spots for a thrilling coracle ride. Situated on river Kaveri, the serene surrounding and lush greenery by the banks will indeed be a feast for your eyes. The natural view while enjoying the high current is simply amazing. It is one of the water adventure that tourists enjoy here, simply unperturbed.

River Kabini:
Tourists can have a fun filled experience while riding on a coracle at River Kabini. Also known as Kapila, this river originates from Wayanad and joins river Kaveri in Karnataka. You are bound to enjoy this water adventure as the coracles in this river floats through the shoreline. You will get an opportunity to feel the various moods of the river, adding to the uniqueness of South India tourism.

Honnemardu is an attractive getaway at Shimoga in Karnataka. Coracle ride at the backwater of river Sharavati is an exciting water adventure here. Kayaking and boating are other options which people can enjoy here. Maximum four members can accommodate in each coracle. Visitors can also relish a canoe ride apart from coracle. You can also learn riding a coracle which would be an amazing experience.

The monsoons are here and it's time to go for some water adventure in form of Coracle rides……Don't miss it!!