Luxury Mobile Camping

Remember the days when we as students used to go hitch hiking to far away locations and spend some precious moments with Mother Nature engulfed in tranquillity and solace. Such moments will be cherished till our last breath. It is indeed the most delightful experience to spend time with near and dears in places which are far from the maddening crowd and offer some basic sources of survival. Such is the epitome of simplicity.

Lately, people across the globe have woken up in their dreams and started planning their outings in a rustic manner, much in tune with a vagabond's lifestyle.

Most recently, India has overwhelmingly carved a niche for itself in Luxury Mobile Camping segment. Cozying up in the wild engulfed in the warmth of a bonfire in a heavenly place is truly an experience worth cherishing for your lifetime. Just imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing that catches your eyes is the mesmerizingly beautiful view outside your well-endowed tent. The location of these tents offer the tourists a 360 degree view of the gigantic and beautiful surrounding. It would be unfair if you don't enjoy the improbable and enchantingly beautiful sunrise and sunset, while sipping hot tea in the lounge.

Each of these modern tents is well equipped to give you the best of comfort and luxury within range. They have all the amenities including twin bed with mattresses, carpeted flooring, side tables, chairs, a centre table, luggage rack, lounge chairs or Mudda chairs, attached washroom, WC with running water, sink with running water, showers with running water (hot water for showers will be provided every morning and evening). Each tent provides adequate electricity and a charging point to recharge batteries. Adequate generator back up is available to run electrical appliances. Moreover, these camps have been granted with all the necessary licenses and approvals by the Department of Tourism, Govt. Of India.

All meals are laid out and served in a large Royal Dining Tent. Morning and evening tea are served in the lounge. Camp will have reception tent with lounge facilities, public toilets and 24x7 Security guards.

These mobile tents have simple Jholdari styles which are very easy to set up, much like temporary dorm-style tents used way back by the East India Company for soldiers to sleep inside. The only noticeable difference being the luxuries packed inside today for tourists. At night, the camp pathways are elegantly lit up while the rims of the mountains glisten in the backdrop under the mesmerising sheen of silvery moonlight.

The famous Pushkar Camel & Cultural Fair, Kalachakra, MahaKumbh,Nagaur Cattle Fair, Bhagoria Tribal Festival, Horn Bill Tribal Festival etc. are a few of the popular events which offersuchluxurious camping facilities. Some regional traditional dance and music performance can further accentuate your experience as offered by these luxury tents.

The Luxury Mobile Camping helps us to enjoy the experiences of Cultural Fairs & Festivals, Spiritual Gatherings, Rustic Rural Life, Sand Dunes, and Wildlife Safariā€¦.Come and experience the ultimate exhilarating experience of a lifetime!!