Client Feedback

Hi Sapan,

Hope all is well today

I heard back from the client regarding the program, and they had glowing remarks for you (as expected haha). Thank you so much for taking care of them in India. I have copied the feedback I received below:

The trip was absolutely amazing. Everyone had a great time.

We were actually lucky enough to see a Bengal Tiger. We were told that that was very rare. I will forward you the video we have of the tiger.

Judie wanted a picture of my face when we turned on a dirt road in the pitch dark with no hotel in sight in Ranthambore. And, when we finally got to the hotel entrance, the bus could not go in because a VERY large snake was crossing (I am scared to death of snakes). I thought for sure I was going to have to sleep on the bus. But, it turned out to be an extraordinary hotel.

The only suggestion I received concerned all the buffets. They would have preferred a meal like we had at the truck stop on our way to Udaipur versus buffets (I can't really say much, as I did not eat off of them).

All of the hotels were great (especially the upgrade at the Taj Palace in Mumbai).

Both of our tour guides were great also. Arun was a little stiff the first day, but by the end of the trip, he was laughing and joking with everyone. He was kind enough to put the trip from Jaipur to Udaipur back an hour so everyone could watch the debate.

Neeta was so knowledgeable about Mumbai. Everyone truly enjoyed her.

The bus driver and bus helper where great. They actually bought all the women bangle bracelets. We were told that they probably would not be taking us to the airport in Udaipur, but they stayed so they could.

I am also sure you heard that Tom and Ann Nash had to leave the trip a day early. They had a personal emergency at home. They were able to go to the Farewell Dinner, but then left for the airport at 1 am.

V Jay and I tipped everyone for the whole group, but everyone still tipped more. So, I think everyone was happy.

Also, the fact that Mr Budakoti came to the Taj Palace in New Delhi and brought gifts for everyone was very special.

All in all, this was a trip of a lifetime. And, everyone truly enjoyed it.

If you could send me the final invoice to cover the last expenses we had to arrange that would be great. Thank you again for all of your assistance.

Looking forward to our next chance to work together.

Thank you



After a few days of rest from the wonderful Gujarat trip Colouricious offered, I would like to take a moment of giving some feedback.

Gautam was an excellent host/coordinator and expert on our trip. He has a unique ability to communicate with anybody, the Rabari nomads on the road, the British ladies, a small country Muslim community and more. He has built up many excellent relationships with so many people and it makes the trip more interesting. His pace of instruction and points of interest were spot on.

There are so many memories, thankfully caught by camera to remind me of this trip.

Here are but a few:

. seeing the nomads on the road, with their children and tables on their camels . going to a small encampment of travellers where children were making beaded bracelets (great skills actually) . Seeing a cotton factory and talking to the owner!

. Seeing a tribal dance at the Rann Riders and looking at the women's dress and jewellery . Seeing bells made and seeing a small community, I was particularly impressed with the community and how they interacted with a member of their community with autism.

. Seeing a variety of weaving, one that included knots in the weavings.

. Going to a embroiderers small house, where her daughter brought a jug of water on her head to the house. This woman was a character and her house was a warm inviting setting.

These are but a few of my memories but just want to say you have a good leader in Gautam and he is an asset to your organisation.

I'm looking forward to the February trip and want to thank all of you for all your hard work in organising memorable trips!

Patty Harrison

Fetcham, Surrey