River Cruises in India

India is a fascinating country as it offers a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the Nature in its beautiful and virgin form. Apart from mountaineering, trekking, rafting, zipping, para gliding which are quite popular there is also a major segment of tourist which loves to enjoy River cruises in India. A traveler today enjoys a luxury cruise which is a great way to find insight into the geography of this diverse country.

The luxury cruise packages offered in India are exclusively offered for those who do not want to restrict their adventures to the lands of the shores. Spend your week languishing in the posh bars and restaurants aboard the ship and feel on top of the world.

The 10 top cruises within the waters of India offered in the bosom of the perennial rivers are the main hub of luxury River cruises in India which are as below:

Kerala Backwater Cruise: It goes without saying that Kerala is one of the best destinations for anyone who seeks tranquility in the backwaters of this peaceful tourist location. There are luxury houseboat cruises in Kerala that offer you a spectacular view of the backwaters, the historic churches and the lush greenery all around the place.

Sunderbans Cruise : The mysterious rivers around the Sunderbans are yet to be explored by you; so why not do it in the most luxurious way possible by taking one of the most amazing cruises in India? The Sunderbans cruise takes you along the pristine beaches, creeks and islands of the Sunderbans, strewn with rich flora and fauna for the nature lover!

Chilika Lake Cruise : If you love to witness fairy tale wildlife from the comfort a luxury cruise, then hop on board this luxury river boat cruise and spot a variety of birds and dolphins as they dance around the ripples of the water, just for you! If you stop at the Rajahamsa beach, then you can witness rare species of dolphins as they frolic in the waters!

The Andaman Islands Cruise: If Greece was a place in India, it would be found on the beautiful islands of the Andamans. This cruise from India is listed as one of the most amazing luxury cruises in India as it is a haven for beach lovers and divers. To cap it all, the luxury boat allows you to see the magical ocean life unfold right beneath the glass floor of your boat.

Dibru-Saikhowa River Cruise: Have you ever wondered just how many beautiful varieties of flora and fauna exist out there? This beautiful river cruise in Assam is bound to leave you speechless and in awe of the scenery as you spot rare and exotic species of animals and birds around you. From the magnificent hills of green and the azure clouds, there are several sights for you to enjoy while cruising in this beautiful location.

Mandovi River Cruise: For those who wish to enjoy the tranquil of the oceans after relaxing on the beach shores of Goa, then you need to head to the sunset river cruise on Mandovi River. The Zuari bay, on the route from Mandovi is the perfect environment for you to enjoy a carnival, beer and lip smacking buffet.

Ganges Heritage Cruise: The 6 day cruise package gives you the golden opportunity to explore the depths of the beauty and rich history along the river Ganges! There are forts such as the Munger Fort and the ancient town of Bhagalpur, known for its fine silk that you can explore with your family and friends, all in the comfort of luxury on the holy river.

Brahmaputra River Cruise: When you are in India, you need to explore places that India is proud to put on the map! The luxury cruise along the beautiful, holy and historic Brahmaputra River offers you the chance to discover the enchanting countryside, the villages, the exotic wildlife and the famous Indian Dolphins of the Ganges. The exotic river life found on the beds of the Brahmaputra will leave you in awe.

Mangalore Cruise Destination: The lesser known, equally beautiful version of Kerala, Mangalore offers you luxury cruises that could simply take your breath away! The locations is an all-time favourite for cruise lovers, as it is a perfect and unique combination of Sea Rivers and jungle cruises, something you don't see every day! The long cruise is a perfect idea for a quick getaway and the chance to explore the mysterious beauty and charm of the oceans beyond.

Goa Cruise Destination: You know you love Goa, who doesn't? The popular tourist destination is also famous and well known for the different cruises that they offer; known otherwise as the Cunard Line and Princess Cruises. So far, not many have explored the cruise and are yet to embark on a fun journey along the rivers of this amazing beach spot! Also, you can enjoy various festivals of goa with your family and friends. Look no further and plan it today….to enjoy with your family!!