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CGH Coconut Lagoon

A family owned enterprise, CGH Earth flagged-off with Casino Hotel at Willingdon Island, Cochin in the year 1954. What began as a small hotel catering to the Port's visitors, today promulgates tourism that's respectful towards Mother Nature and local ethos. Today, the group offers 12 hotels located at different locations within South India.

At all CGH Earth properties, nature and environment take centre stage. Every experience is inspired by and built around this core, which is clearly visible and evident at all the locations. CGH Earth has a strong belief in involving the local communities wherever they operate. This is a great gesture and hence the property supports the local community in all possible respects. This has ensured a harmonious living amidst the natural environment for many centuries. Local tribes have been taught organic farming techniques, hence majorly contributed towards their uplift, thus helping them to prosper and preserve their way of life. Community based programmes are rampant here which has helped in rehabilitating poachers and smugglers.

CGH Coconut Lagoon is located at Kumarakom in the Kuttanad district of Kerala, which is also known as the land of the short people. Legend says that this name came into existence from the fact that the local folks here are always knee deep in paddy fields. The property is adjoining the Vembanad lake and bang opposite the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary which is home to innumerable variety of local and migratory birds. Here one also witnesses colourful Butterflies which are one of the most fascinating creatures in nature. It is advised to take a trip around the property with naturalists to see the profusion of flora and fauna on display.

There are multiple facets to the Coconut Lagoon experience - The heritage of the old feudal villages of Malabar; the vast frolic of the Vembanad Lake and the shimmering waters of the canals that criss-cross the property. The flavour bursts of Kerala home-style cooking in the cuisine that would for sure mesmerize the taste buds. Together, they are a celebration of harmony, life and natural beauty that touches every sense and takes you into a world still unblemished by contemporary lifestyle. A holiday at Coconut Lagoon is more than just amusement. Here one gets to rejuvenate oneself by reviving the mind, body and soul. Yourbatteries will be considered as totally charged only after one experiences the famous Kerala Ayurveda massages by experienced therapists, indeed an utter delightful and heavenly feel.

Almost one fourth of the total expanse of 33 acres at Coconut Lagoon is dedicated to rice cultivation, particularly the medicinal variety named 'njwara'. Here one also gets to see the world's smallest cow known as the Vechoor cow which gives just about 2-3 litres of milk a day, compared to regular cows that give 15 litres per day.

Every morning at Coconut Lagoon begins at 7.00am with Yoga classes under able guidance of an expert. Evenings offer a different feel in form of Meditation and Pranayama session starting at 6.00pm. Coconut Lagoon also presents Kalarippayattu (Kerala Martial Arts) practice on four days every week namely - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Traditional dance performances like Kathakali, Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, and instrumental music are also performed daily, which are a definite feast for eyes and ears. Others may enjoy Badminton, Table Tennis, and Carrom. For the more sombre there is a library offering a diverse selection of holiday reading in multiple languages.

A very special cruise is arranged in a beautifully restored Kettuvallam.One experiences an extraordinary stillness over the Vembanad Lake as the Sun quietly slips rapidly below the horizon during sunset.

Visiting CGH Coconut Lagoon is indeed an experience worth a gamble once in a lifetime…..for sheer bliss!!