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Jawai Leopard Camp, Rajasthan

Leopard (Panthera pardus) is a member of the Felidae family with a wide range in some parts of Africa and tropical Asia. Compared to other members of the Felidae, the leopard has relatively short legs, a long body with a large skull. It is similar in appearance to the jaguar, but is smaller and more slightly built.

India is well known for this species and there are interesting tales and fables woven around this feline. The famous book “Man eating leopard of Rudraprayag” by Jim Corbett fascinatingly explains the traits, habits and moods of this spotted animal. Furthermore, it also clearly defines the swiftness, intelligence and instincts of this beautiful yet dangerous panther. It would be a dream comes true for any traveler or a wildlife enthusiast to watch a leopard in wilderness.

Lying at the heart of an untrammeled wilderness, where leopards roam wild and free, is Sujan’s JAWAI Leopard Camp which flagged off its operations in December, 2013. This property has been most beautifully and tastefully designed by its owners, Anjali and Jaisal Singh. JAWAI Leopard Camp represents a charm that concocts subtle opulence with adventure in abundance. Crafted in the most artistic style, each of these tents is a reflection of timeless beauty mirrored on canvas, stainless steel and leather. Each tent is abutted by a private deck that looks upon unobstructed, spectacular views of the dramatic wilderness around. The use of local stone and stainless steel brings an understated, elegant and light feeling to the camp. An inviting Dining Tent and a scattering of discreetly located areas to unwind in form part of the Encampment. The celebrated artisan Michael Aram’s charming collection of hand-crafted artifacts using vintage traditions of Indian workmanship, complete the winsome furnishings.

Sightings sometimes remain elusive - the probability of seeing the felines is close to 75% over a three night stay but while leopards are the primary attraction, during morning and afternoon game drives in customized open jeeps, you may also be lucky enough to spot wolves, antelopes, crocodiles and sloth bears in the vicinity. You are also likely to come across Rabari shepherds, dressed traditionally in white save for their crimson turbans, whose livestock are easy prey if not herded to safety each night. The camp subsidizes a visiting vets’ surgery catering to local livestock farmers, part of its commitment to working with and benefitting the local community. The gypsy Rabari herdsmen at JAWAI are as much a part of the earth's tales as the mysterious felines that grace these hills. Here pastoral fields meet and merge with wild grasslands, where flamingos flock and cranes dance to the nature’s tune during springtime each year. The vibrant Rabari herdsmen have shared this landscape with wildlife for centuries, thus signifying the organic and continuing link between local culture and wildlife. At JAWAI, one witnesses the mesmerizing moon light stepping out from its abode and just as soon getting absorbed into the gorges surrounding this location. This is truly an ethereal feel for any spectator.

JAWAI Leopard Camp offers its esteemed guests access to sites of their choice for private dining. Imagine a granite kopje serving as a private dining room overlooking the expanse of the wilderness? Breakfasts in the bush and picnics in the wild, luncheons by lakes and embracing dinners, ensconced by granite hills under constellations of an unending sky provide unlimited dining options for guests. Food is prepared from organically-grown produce from the self-owned and maintained Kitchen Garden. This ensures an unadulterated and fresh taste at all times. An inviting Dining Tent, Library and a SPA Tent tucked away peacefully offer you a chance to completely unwind yourself.

JAWAI Leopard Camp offers 9 luxurious tents. They offer monochrome interiors; en suite bathroom and private decks look out across the surrounding wilderness. White canvas, dark leather and shining stainless steel give a 1930’s feel. Cameras and 'His and Her' binoculars are gifted to guests during their stay to enhance their experience most stupendously. The inimitable flavor of this land and its offerings provide an astounding experience. An inviting Dining Tent, Library and a Spa Tent tucked peacefully away offer the chance to completely unwind complete while walking with the Rabari is a unique insight into pastoral life in rural Rajasthan.

For those who crave for architectural monuments, the beautifully sculpted temples at Ranakpur are just an hour away from Camp. Being so close to the magnificent fort at Kumbhalgarh and the exquisitely carved Jain temples at Ranakpur , this luxury camp is most ideally situated to provide a ‘wildlife and wilderness’ break and flirt with adventure between the cities of Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Staying true to the Sujan ethos of conserving the local environment and culture without compromising comfort, this property has an abundance of space and privacy.

Shhhhhh……Leopards are roaming free in these hills, just waiting to delight you with their sparkling eyes and welcoming growl!! Come and enjoy their unmatched hospitality….